M&M Heating

M&M Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC is a complete heating, plumbing and air conditioning center.

Natural gas service ... install new equipment, gas line installation and repairs, service furnaces, hot water heaters and other equipment

Propane gas service, install new equipment, repairs and gas line work

Rinnai heaters and Empire heatersLink to Ray Murray website



Space heaters, fireplaces and pellet stoves

Chimney liners ... we use Z-Flex

Armstrong furnaces Armstrong Air

Comfort-aire furnaces


Link to Briggs & Stratton websiteInstallation and repair of automatic back- up whole house and industrial generator systems by Briggs & Stratton

Air conditioning:
Installation and repair
Complete service and repair
Water & Plumbing:

Complete installation of all kinds of plumbing pipes and fixtures

RWHRinnai water heaters and water conditioning

Water heaters

Water pumps

Water filtersBlake Equipment

Water conditioners

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems

RV Service:
Complete service work on RV's ... refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters and furnaces
Other services:
Power auger/sewer camera locator ... one of only three in St. Lawrence County.

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